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White Elephant Markets Served

House Plan Review

Estate Professionals

White Elephant is here to help you help your Estate Planning clients or their beneficiaries with transition sales for stage of life moves, down-sizing sales for moving, estate sales after a death to clear out possessions and turn unwanted assets into monetary funds for the estate, and clean out services when the only desired outcome is to quickly get a property cleared and ready for sale. We are happy to work directly with the family members or through the estate professional or executor for an estate.

Thrift Shop

Sales & Clean Outs

We offer a wide range of Estate and moving sales and services. Most Estate and Moving Sales are conducted on the clients premises over the course of a weekend or two. We handle all of the arranging, sorting, staging, research, pricing, staffing, advertising, and conducting the day of sales. We finish these sales with broom cleaning and vacuuming the property. Clients choose whether to take possession of items remaining after the sale or if they want, we will clear out all remaining items for disposal, donation, etc...  Clean out services for a fee will leave the property in broom clean and vacuumed condition. If additional "tear out/tear down" is needed, we are happy to assess whether it is a service we can tackle or a service for which we can help to locate the best provider.

Senior Couple

Senior Living

There are many transitions throughout our lives. Retirement or choosing to relocate to a senior living community can be a wonderful time of life. We are here to help with down-sizing and turning a lifetime of accumulated things into part of the monetary security to make these transitions easier. We are happy to work with families to determine the best type of service for what is needed.

Garage Sale

General Direct Sales

We will on occasion offer a liquidation sale at our office location of items in clean out situations, whole house purchases, specific items consigned to us for sales. Keep an eye on this section for links and information as we build our inventory for sales in the future. These services are currently in development and not yet available.

Leasing a Home

REal Estate AGENTS

In any market, moving a property quickly to market is key. For real estate professionals, having an estate sale professional and clean out specialist that you know and trust can be an invaluable plus for your clients. We will work with you and your client to find the best possible service combination or sale schedule to get their property turned around quickly. For buyers of "as is" properties, we are available for clean out services if the seller has not cleared the property ahead of time.

Vintage Jewelry

Online Sales

In much the same way we will be holding liquidation sales on site, we will be developing an online sales option to extend the reach of our clients to the global marketplace. We will offer online bidding sales and "buy it now" options and shipping. These services are currently in development and not yet available.

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