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Project Name:  C.B

This Moving Sale was specifically to dispose of the items left that the owner did not need or want to take to their new and smaller location. We organized and sorted  a huge amount of items, especially crafting supplies and tools. Cleaned and de-oderized the entire house, cleared out the upstairs, cleaned out an out building, organized a garage full of items from other estates that had been re-located to this property, and organized and displayed everything for sale. Our first day of sale went extremely well and then it snowed! We had to cancel the second day of the sale and attempted to re-schedule for the next weekend, when once again, it snowed! The third weekend the weather channel was calling for an ice storm.... We were determined to finish this sale so we took drastic measures to ensure that we would open the sale for any who managed to brave the elements. As it turned out, the majority of the bad weather was concentrated elsewhere and we were able to have a second and third day for the sale. The final step was cleaning out the residence, disposing of all leftover items, and sweeping/vacuuming the property for the real estate agent to get it quickly on the market. Our client was happy with our service and perseverance and we were pleased to help this family with their transition.

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