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This person may be responsible for some organization prior to the day of sale and will assist with keeping rooms and items accounted for during the actual sales, returning items to where they belong throughout the sale, assisting with condensing items to reduce wasted space throughout the sale, “running” items to and from the check out/cashiers table when customers change their mind about an item. This will be a temporary and part time position.


This person will be responsible for taking payments, creating receipts, marking items as paid, processing cred card charges, making change as needed, keeping records of items sold, supervising the “hold table” and showing customers where they may wrap, bag, or box their purchases. Cashier will make runner aware of any/all items that need to be returned to the sale and any items that need to be brought to the check out area. This will be a temporary and part time position.

Clean Out Crew

This person will assist with clean out jobs and assist with removal and sorting of all items included in the clean out job. This position will require ability to lift and carry items possibly in excess of 50 lbs. This position may have crossover employment with the general Staff position if needed for day of sale, otherwise this position will be for the days and possibly week(s) following the sale dates. Hours can be somewhat flexible, days will be required. This will be a temporary and part time position.

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